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Re: [Fluxx] Re: my blanxx I've made

  • From"Frank F. Smith" <FrankSmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 18 Apr 2007 08:14:13 -0400
fluxxguy wrote:
1. EVERYTHING'S BETTER WITH BEER: Beer replaces one of the two choices on the current Goal card (Scott's note: Everyone loves this card. It's not too powerful and produces some interesting goals. Everything IS better with beer.)
It *sounds* too powerful. Most goals that require only one card are too powerful. How many games have ended swiftly because of "All you need is love?" This card is A LOT like "All you need is love." It basically removes, for ONE player, the need for a second card, and doesn't limit which other keeper is needed.
Scott adds: It really isn't, because you do have to declare when you play it which part of the goal you are replacing and you cover
that half with the "Everything's better with beer" card.

On the same subject, Frank writes:
Also sounds to me like a Rule rather than a Goal. As a Goal, it needs an extra piece of game mechanics. Does it modify only the Goal in play when _it_ is played (and is discarded with that Goal as soon as another Goal is played)? That would make it less powerful (because temporary). I think the "Everything's better with beer" card in that case might not be too powerful, but it might make the Beer keeper too powerful ...

Scott adds: Yes, it modifies only the Goal in play and disappears into obscurity with the next goal played.
Thanks for the clarification. (And I withdraw my comment about it sounding more like Rule than Goal; with the mechanics you've described, it fits better as a goal.) It sounds like an amusing card. Great for ad libbing the modified goal -- "Rocket Fuel!"


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