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[Fluxx] Rules Stipulation... (Draw First, Play Last, especially with Zombies)

  • From"S Mattison" <s.mattison@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 10 Oct 2007 08:58:54 -0600
All of this talk about when to draw and when to play doesn't change one fact.

Fluxx (And Zombie Fluxx, for that matter) were DESIGNED with "Draw,
then Play" in mind. It was NEVER an issue until people said "Wah! I
don't want creepers! I wanna play first so I can WIN, then I won't
have to draw!"

Well, here's the problem with that idea. A GOOD game of Fluxx is NOT
about winning, it's about playing a good game of Fluxx! It's not FUN
unless you're drawing 5, and then playing all, Computer, Inflation
drawing five more, playing four of those, reversing the order of the
table, and basically spending your entire turn wreaking havoc on the
other players! It's not FUN unless you expend the entire draw pile and
have to reshuffle the discard pile into a new draw pile at LEAST once.

Sure, you might get the fabled "Play 3, All you need is Love, and
Love" set on your first turn (I've seen it happen), but why would you
WANT to play it! That's not a fun game, and neither is being picky
about the rules, just so you can win before you draw zombies... That's
not what Zombie Fluxx is supposed to be about. You're SUPPOSED to be
disadvantaged because of your zombies. You are not a beautiful unique
snowflake immune to zombies! Zombies kill Everybody!

Here's what I think. If you want to play with these unconventional
"Playing may come before Drawing" rules, get two "Basic Rules" cards.
On one, write "Unconventional: Draw and Play whenever", and on the
other, write "Traditional: Draw, then Play", because the Traditional
rules are what the game designer had in mind.

Now, don't get me wrong, the "Unconventional Draw" rules do raise some
interesting scenarios, and it'll be fun to play with and figure them
all out, but the problem is that it raises too many questions with too
many cards who, using traditional rules, are very well defined and
well established. So while I might try it, I'm afraid I have to say
"Unconventional Draw" breaks the game. It takes the fun out of it, and
the *only* actual benefit you get from it is letting your friend win
when he fulfills his "No zombies" goal.

That's my three cents.