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Re: [Fluxx] Playing Fluxx what happens when "Draw 2 & use em" first card played is "Rotate Hands"?

  • FromAnestis Kozakis <kenosti@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 2 Mar 2008 07:10:14 +1100
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During a Flux version 3.1 game a friend played "Draw 2 and use 'em." The friend followed the text of the card "Set your hand aside." "Draw 2 cards, play them in the order you choose, then pick up your hand and continue with your turn." The friend drew 2 and chose to first play the "Rotate Hands" card. The players are all current and former computer programmers so we can be rule lawyers too often. The friend felt that the hand which had been set aside should not be rotated but only the single card remaining from the "Draw 2." Others, including myself, felt that the hand set aside should be combined with the remaining card then all of them rotated. What are your thoughts about which cards should be rotated? Another comment was that the single card should not be considered a hand so the friend continues to hold the single card and the set aside hand is used in the rotation. Another comment which was mentioned but not considered worthwhile was to have the hand set aside be included in the rotation while being kept separate from the single card so there would actually be (number of players + 1) hands rotating.

The discussion continued with what should happen after the rotation. Should one card be played from the cards received from the rotation because of "use 'em" or should the rotation be the end of the "Draw 2 and use 'em"? One person thought that if the single card alone was rotated and more than one card was received because of the rotation, the friend could choose a single card to play then discard the rest of the cards and pick up the hand which had been set aside. If the set aside hand was rotated but not the single card then the single card is played and the cards received from the rotation are used to continue with the turn. What do you think?

We chose to stop the discussion when the discussion no longer became fun and continue with the playing the game fun by going with the majority vote to combine the set aside hand with the single card and rotate the combined cards. That ended the friends "Draw 2 and use 'em". The cards received from the rotation where used to continue with the friend's turn. It was my deck and I had only plaid Fluxx one other time but it was the friend's house so there were a couple of friendly "My deck rules" vs "My house rules". The other players had never played before that night. Everyone loved the game and fun was had by all but it is not something that I would play on a regular basis.

Simply put, play with the spirit of the rules.

When you play Draw 2 and Use 'em, or Daw 3 and Play 2 of Them, the card says to put your hand aside.

The simple fact is so that the cards drawn do not get mixed up with your hand. By playing Rotate Hands as part of the Draw 2 and Use 'Em, you rotate your hand cards, which you set aside. That is your hand, which you have set aside. Nothing changes the fact that they are your hand cards. They are just set aside to reduce confusion.

The cards from Draw 2 and Use 'Em, or Draw 3 and and Play 2 of Them are a seperate action from your hand. They only count as one play. If Draw 3 is in effect, with Play 2, by playing Draw 2 and Use 'Em, that only takes up one of your plays and does not add to your Draw limits, so why would they actually count as part of your hand?

Does that all make sense? It's 7:09 am on a Sunday, so forgive me if it makes no sense :-)

Thanks for all your thoughts and comments.
- Lawrence

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