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Re: [Fluxx] Playing Fluxx what happens when "Draw 2 & use em" first card played is "Rotate Hands"?

  • FromJody Chandler <windblownhermit@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 2 Mar 2008 08:05:09 -0800 (PST)
I agree with the interpretation that you favored, and seems favored on the list.  I'm willing to bet your friend thought he had some fun cards in his hand that he was reluctant to give up. :)  The hand is still the hand, set aside or not, and it is set aside to distinguish it from the cards draw per "Draw 2 & use 'em".  Those two cards are part of the play, (as if they belonged to the "Draw 2 & use 'em" card itself, which in being played is no longer part of the hand) and are not considered part of the hand (this distinction  touches on why I fundamentally disagree with Andy's youtube video interpretation on  the "Fluxx hand limit question", but maybe I'll post on that later--I wasn't on the list at the time to see the discussion that revolved around that one).  

Have fun!

AnnOn <ann_on@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
During a Flux version 3.1 game a friend played "Draw 2 and use 'em." The
friend followed the text of the card "Set your hand aside." "Draw 2
cards, play them in the order you choose, then pick up your hand and
continue with your turn." The friend drew 2 and chose to first play the
"Rotate Hands" card. The players are all current and former computer
programmers so we can be rule lawyers too often. The friend felt that
the hand which had been set aside should not be rotated but only the
single card remaining from the "Draw 2." Others, including myself, felt
that the hand set aside should be combined with the remaining card then
all of them rotated. What are your thoughts about which cards should be

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