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  • From"Kevin Lintz" <kli773@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 30 Jun 2008 08:27:02 -0500
I have a question about card play in ZombieFluxx. The answer will help
resolve a shouting match between my brother and I.

Assume that the current rules are Draw 1, Play 1, Adrenaline Bonus (draw and
play an extra card if you have a Zombie in front of you). I draw two cards
(one for the Basic Rule and one extra for Adrenaline Bonus), then I play
"Draw 5". How many cards do I draw now? Do I draw three cards (since I have
already drawn one for Basic and one for Adrenaline) or do I draw four cards
(four cards to draw up to five and assume that my Adrenaline card is an
"extra" card)? 

The simplest way to ask: Do cards drawn for Adrenaline Bonus or Eradication
Bonus count as "drawn" cards when the Basic Draw rule changes mid-turn?

Kevin D. Lintz
The Labor Shed
Fort Worth, TX

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Looney Labs did it again: Zombie Fluxx won the Origins Award for
Traditional Card Game of the Year.




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