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Re: [Fluxx] RE: Fluxx Digest, Vol 34, Issue 5

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 30 Jun 2008 08:50:48 -0500
Good question - you draw 4 more cards.
Think of it this way - if Adrenaline Bonus and Draw 5 had both been in play at the beginning of the turn, those who had zombies would draw 6 during the draw phase. So when the rules change mid-turn from Draw 1 to Draw 5, look at the total you have drawn and how many you should draw and there ya go.
Another way to look at it is:  This Card is from Draw 1.  That Card I picked up from the Adrenaline Bonus.  Draw 5 is played?  OK... I need to add 4 cards to This Card (doesn't change what That Card is doing in my hand) and I'm done.  That way, if there are other rules on the table that affect the draw you can say "This card is from the Draw... Those cards are from the No Hand Bonus... That card is from Adrenaline Bonus.... and These Cards are because I sang a Monty Python Song that no one else has sung this game...."  (That would work if you're going to mix Monty Python Fluxx with Zombie Fluxx of course...)  Since I only Drew 1 Card, I need to Draw Up to 5... the other cards weren't part of the Draw.
Does that help?

On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 8:27 AM, Kevin Lintz <kli773@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a question about card play in ZombieFluxx. The answer will help
resolve a shouting match between my brother and I.

Assume that the current rules are Draw 1, Play 1, Adrenaline Bonus (draw and
play an extra card if you have a Zombie in front of you). I draw two cards
(one for the Basic Rule and one extra for Adrenaline Bonus), then I play
"Draw 5". How many cards do I draw now? Do I draw three cards (since I have
already drawn one for Basic and one for Adrenaline) or do I draw four cards
(four cards to draw up to five and assume that my Adrenaline card is an
"extra" card)?

The simplest way to ask: Do cards drawn for Adrenaline Bonus or Eradication
Bonus count as "drawn" cards when the Basic Draw rule changes mid-turn?

Kevin D. Lintz
The Labor Shed
Fort Worth, TX

Carol Townsend
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