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  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 9 Aug 2008 20:01:20 -0500

On 8/9/08, Kevin D. Lintz <kli773@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
To me, the conflict doesn't seem to come in the Hand Limit card, but in the
"Play All". That's where people I play with would call 'foul'; if a player
is choosing to ignore the rule that says he must play all. What order do the
rules take effect?
Everyone assumes that the "Draw X" must be the first thing a person does on
their turn, but is that always true? Changing the order observing the of the
rules "Play All" and "Hand Limit 2" can have profound differences, like the
video shows. Is it possible to observe the rules in any order you like? Hand
Limit 1-I discard down to one, Play All-I play my one card, Draw 4-I draw my
cards, my turn ends.

Play All says:  "Play all of the cards in your hand each turn."

If you Play All, then Draw... it's still your turn.  You still have cards in your hand.  You still need to play them.

Think of it this way - if the Draw changes from Draw 2 to Draw 4, do you *not* draw those 2 extra cards because your draw phase is over?  No... and the card specifically covers that.  I look at all the rules this way - have you done what each New Rule says you must do during your turn? All of 'em are followed?  OK... that's when your turn is over.

Others may have a better way of stating it.


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