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Re: [Fluxx] New wiki page: Blanxx sorted by Author

  • FromAnthony Kozar <mailing-lists-1001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 20 Aug 2008 09:54:23 -0400
Thanks Bryan -- I applaud your efforts in making the Blanxx card listings
more useful.  Unfortunately, these sorts of "manual" solutions to
organization tend to not be maintained over time (or require a great deal
more effort to maintain).  As you probably know, this sort of thing screams

Obviously, the server that the wiki is running on already has PHP and
probably MySQL installed.  And I am sure that there are several people on
this list who would be up to the task of creating a Fluxx Blanxx database
and some simple web pages for adding, sorting, and searching card ideas.  (I
would be one such person).

So, anyone want to work on this together?  I think further discussion about
"how" it could be done should be moved to the Looney Labs "Geek" list.

Thanks again, Bryan!

"Chocolate Rabbit"

Anthony Kozar
mailing-lists-1001 AT anthonykozar DOT net

Rabbit bio: 

Bryan Stout wrote on 8/20/08 12:41 AM:

> I have just completed a new page for the Rabbit Wiki: a page which lists all
> the Fluxx Blanxx ideas sorted according to their author.

> I did not copy all the card definitions -- that
> would be even more labor-intensive than it was, as well as inefficient and
> contrary to good programming standards.  So I first laid the groundwork by
> placing a manual anchor for each card in the pages which list the cards by
> type.  Then I did the Author list by just linking to all the anchors.

> Now that the infrastructure is in place for the links, here are some
> projects that others may want to try:
> 1.  Of course, I recommend that any new Blanxx entries also include an
> anchor for linking.
> 2.  The Chronological Blanks Card Suggestions page could be changed to have
> just links, rather than repeated definitions.
> 3.  New indexes could be made, referring to the cards by theme (e.g. food),
> or behavior (e.g. Actions affecting Keepers).

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