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[Fluxx] Something Completely Different: a Monty Python Fluxx anticipation pack

  • From"Bryan Stout" <bryan.stout@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 20 Aug 2008 11:07:49 -0400
Ever since Origins, I've been obsessed with Monty Python Fluxx, to the point that I have come up with a lot of new card ideas, which I've divided into three "Anticipation packs". 
My purpose was not to have Keepers and Goals that reflect the Monty Python routines that we know and love, but to capture the Python spirit of creatively turning things upside down and inside out.  So I tried to think of things to do with Fluxx that hadn't been done before (at least in the official versions), while not violating the essential spirit of Fluxx.  After coming up with most of the ideas I looked into the Rabbit wiki Blanxx idea database, and found that many of my ideas had been thought of before, or something similar to them.  Still, I think you would enjoy seeing them, so here is the first pack's worth: 
1.  New Rule: Grail Quest
"What ... is your quest?"
You may place a Goal card in front of yourself, where it is treated as a Keeper in all ways.  You win if you satisfy either the common Goal or your personal Goal (not others?). 
The personal Goal Limit is 1, so discard extras if you get more than 1.  There can be no personal Ungoals.  If this card is trashed, all personal Goals are trashed. 
2. New Rule: Donate Creepers
"Bring out your dead!"
Whenever you draw a Creeper, place it in front of any other player, not yourself.
3. New Rule: Donate Keepers
"Alms for an ex-leper?"
Whenever you play a Keeper, place it in front of any other player, not yourself.
4. New Rule: Winner Shoots Self
Once the game ends, the normal winner loses.  The true winner, even with an Ungoal, is the one who had the last turn.
If the normal winner had the last turn, the true winner is the player whose turn would be next. 
5. Keeper: 16 Ton Weight
"If anyone ever attacks you with a raspberry, simply pull the lever ? "
If this card is in front of you, you may discard it to cancel the effect of any Action as it is played. The Action card is still discarded.
6. Creeper: Keeper Eater
Once you get this card, discard one Keeper or Creeper in front of you (except this one), if any.  During your turn, place this card in front of any other player. 
7. Creeper: Keeper Mover
During your turn, place this card in front of any other player, along with one other card from the table in front of you, if any. 
8. Ungoal: All Under Arrest
"That?s enough.  Just pack it in."
Starting with the next full turn, each player is out of the game after playing one turn; their cards are not trashed but are out of play.  If everyone is eliminated, the game ends with no winner.  If this card is trashed, everyone is back in the game and play continues normally.
[Note that Winner Shoots Self allows you to win by forcing the Goal conditions on another player, or by forcing an Ungoal condition.  All Under Arrest is designed so the one who played it would usually have the last turn.]

I plan to post these cards on boardgamegeek.com soon, so I'd like feedback, especially from playing experience, even though I've playtested them.  (I want to post them to both the regular Fluxx and the Monty Python Fluxx pages on BoardGameGeek; I may end up putting card descriptions at one game's forums and pictures on the other game's gallery.)

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