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[Fluxx] Fw: wwNEWS - Introducing Meta Rules & Revising Old Answers

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I meant this to go to the Fluxx list, not customer support, so here it is.

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Thanks for publicly announcing Meta Rules! It's good to understand them now. Thanks also for the ruling on those two tricky rule issues (Hand Limits during turns, and Play before Draw). I like the rulings, since that is how most people have interpreted them anyway.

Some initial thoughts on Meta Rules:

1. Meta Rules can be not only "formalized House Rules", they can also be formalized variants. One example (based upon a suggestion here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/80287):

"Most Goals: When a player meets the conditions of the current Goal, he or she takes and keeps the Goal card, and play continues. The game ends after the deck is gone through one time [or other number the players agree on]. The winner is the one who has the most goals at game's end; ties are not broken."

2. I have mixed feelings on the inclusion of an inner card border in the card art. On one hand, it does kind of match the Basic Rules that way (that card showing two cards on it), which reinforces the idea that it is not something that can be tampered with during the game. On the other hand, it takes up space which might be useful for wordier Meta Rules, especially when done by hand; it's not hard to understand that Meta Rules have a permanent status without the inner border.

3. Fluxx packs tend to come in groups of 8, with 1 card being the title / explanation / advert card. If another one is a blank Meta Rule, that would leave only 6 Meta Rules. Therefore I hope Meta Rules come in a double-sized pack of 16, or some other larger amount that works well with printing constraints.

4. I hope a blank Meta Rule is included in future printings of Fluxx Blanxx. (Blanxx is the one pack with fewer than 8 cards, IIRC -- title card and blank Keeper, Goal, New Rule, Action and Creeper. To fill out to 8 cards, perhaps it could also include a Fluxx card completely blank on its front, allowing the buyer to make it of whatever type wanted.)

Thanks again!

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Subject: wwNEWS - Introducing Meta Rules & Revising Old Answers

this fortnight in our news...

What's New?
In this update, Andy talks about a new kind of Fluxx card called a Meta Rule, which are like formalized House Rules. He also talks about a couple of questions that he's changed his ruling on, one regarding Early Compliance with Hand Limit rules,
and one about changing up the play order.

Also of note:
 - Now taking pre-orders for Monty Python Fluxx!
 - New Promo Card Products:
     - 1,2,5! postcard
     - Zombie Flame-Thrower pack
- Ask Andy: How does the New Rule "One, Two, Five!" interact with the "Inflation" rule?

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