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[Fluxx] Re: wwNEWS - All Systems Go for Monty Python Fluxx!

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  • DateSun, 14 Sep 2008 00:25:28 -0400
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Subject: wwNEWS - All Systems Go for Monty Python Fluxx!

this fortnight in our news...

What's New?
In this update, In this update, Andy shows off the cover art for Monty Python Fluxx and reports on how close it is to arriving!

Also of note:
 - Contents of the Flamethrower Promo Pack added to the Promo Card Index

Following the Contents link on the page, I see that one of the cards in the Flamethrower Pack is a "Soldier Zombie".

And all this time I thought it was a "Fisherman Zombie"!  D'oh!

I had the other ones right, though -- they're pretty obvious, after all. (Though I did think the Fisherman was obvious, too ... I guess I needed an actual machine gun in his hand to get it.)


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