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Re: [Fluxx] A Turn for the Worst: Another Monty Python Fluxx anticipation pack

  • FromAnthony Kozar <mailing-lists-1001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 14 Sep 2008 02:02:31 -0400
Wow, Bryan, these are some rather out of the box ideas for Fluxx.  They
certainly make the basic turn order more complicated but I like that you
have defined them so precisely.  I think that I will try a few of these out.
"BBC Announcement" is probably my favorite.

Thanks :)


Bryan Stout wrote on 9/13/08 3:09 PM:

> "Something Completely Different", posted earlier, had only a subset of my
> Pythonesque ideas for new types of cards for Fluxx. Here is a second set,
> called "A Turn for the Worst", because all the cards have an impact on the
> player turn:
> Keeper
> BBC Announcement
> "We interrupt this programme to annoy you and make things generally
> irritating for you."
> If this card is in front of you, you may discard it between turns to take a
> turn out of sequence. When that turn is over, the regular turn order
> continues.