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  • DateTue, 4 Nov 2008 07:43:17 -0600
Welcome to the list Tobias!  No worries about the double posting on your first go here - if that's the worst that happens, you'll be in clover.

Anyway... a few thoughts. Did you see the list in the Zombie Fluxx rules about the zombie-specific cards? They're the ones with the "drippy" bits on the bottom of the color bar on the left.  Leave those out and you can play Fluxx without zombies - mostly.  Yes, that leaves a couple of zombie-referencing cards in, but it's a basically zombie-free game.

Putting the two decks (Zombie and MP) together shouldn't be too insane.  The problem is there is no cross-connection between the two decks, unless you start getting Blanxx and making your own connections - usually done w/ Goals.  (e.g., The Grim Reaper from MPFluxx combined with The Car from Zombie Flx can be the goal "Ford - Found On Road Dead")  You can write other Blanxx to combine them (e.g., New Rule: when "Bring Out Your Dead" is played, it includes the Friends cards, IF the New Rule "Dead Friends" is currently out.)  Both of those examples were made up off the top of my head without decks in front of me, but you get the idea.

Also, have you seen the Rabbit Wiki?  

Wherein you can find the list of games

And from there find things like the Fluxx FAQ:

Fans (i.e., "Rabbits") have been slowly distilling the wisdom of Andy from the mailing lists to a one-stop shopping for all your Fluxx questions, including the "Do I have to observe the current Draw rule entirely before I can play any cards? " question.  See if that helps.

To sum up, welcome!  Glad you're here!  Hope to play Fluxx with you sometime!


On 11/4/08, AniLocatN@xxxxxxx <AniLocatN@xxxxxxx> wrote:
(Sorry about that, ctrl+enter seems to = send on this client, lets start again)

Just signed up to the list. I recently purchased Monty Python Fluxx and was seeking to "cause the Penguin on top of my television set to explode."

I went through Zombie Fluxx and marked which cards affected Zombies only, and which cards affected Creepers, by specific wording.

Zombies Only:
Sonic Tranquilizer
Zombie Repellent
Adrenaline Bonus
Look, Over There!
Zombies Ain't So Bad
Eaten by Zombies!
Hey, Over Here!

All Creepers:
Weapon Bonus
Zombie Season
Dead Friends
Zombie Victory
The Shotgun
No Zombies
Return of the Dead
Zombie Jamboree
...and Stay Dead!

Groaning Required - Zombies require groaning; failing allows any Creeper to be moved.

Let's Shamble! - Mentions both Creepers and Zombies interchangably. I will be favoring it as all Creepers, personally.

Are there any other interesting rules that would clash when using Monty Python spliced with Zombie Fluxx? I browsed the archives from a year ago but that's where they stopped.

A side question is - was the "Draw First?" discussion ever solved? It never crossed my mind that drawing first wasn't required based on the rule insert combined with standard "Drawing is always first" mentality of previous TCG games... But I see it making sense. Just seems... cheap in certain cases.

-Tobias Amaranth

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