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Re: [Fluxx] Draw First + Other things & Clarification

  • FromAniLocatN@xxxxxxx
  • DateWed, 5 Nov 2008 16:49:51 EST
Aha, neat.

Here's a bit of an interesting set-up with that first meta-rule, though that causes an infinite loop (or rather, the player can scale the draw and play numbers to absurd values; though he cannot actually win)

Bring Out Your Dead!
Any player may discard Keepers, Creepers, or Hand that they are in posession of. Afterwards, shuffle the discard pile into the deck, and start a new discard pile with this card.

You may draw from the bottom of the discard pile instead of drawing from the top of the deck.

Rules Inflation
Any time the deck is shuffled, place a token on this card. Draw and Play rules are increased by the number of tokens.

1. Play Bring Out Your Dead.
2. Shuffle the deck.
3. Add a token.
4. Use your bonus draw and play from Rules Inflation to Scavenge Bring Out Your Dead and play it.
5. Repeat 2-4.
6. Draw a card from the top of the deck.
7. Play it.
8. End your turn.
9. Next player draws the entire deck and plays whatever cards he chooses to win (or to lose)

Whoops! Of course, if your last play (or another play on your turn) is Take Another Turn, it -is- instant win for you.

Next I'd like to comment on 1, 2, 5! + Inflation.

No matter which order you apply them in, as long as you decide that things are only applied once, anything that was originally 3 ends up counting as a 6. The Inflation affects the numbers ON 1, 2, 5! This means with Inflation counting first, 1, 2, 5! reads:

"Anytime the numeral 4 appears on another card, treat that number as though it were really a 6."

And if you choose to apply 1, 2, 5! first, all threes become 5's and are then increased to 6's via Inflation.

Inflation -> 1, 2, 5! -> Final

1, 2, 5! -> Inflation -> Final

It turns out the same, as long as the cards themselves are only applied once, and the order does not apply.

As a side note to 1, 2, 5!, does the 3-Headed Giant indeed become a 5-Headed Giant? That would make a unique goal card, requiring a Creeper and a Rule to win...

Clarifying Fake Accent - Speak once in an outrageous accent = play 1 card. Speak once at the end of your turn, continue it till the beginning of your next turn, and speak once at the beginning of your turn = play 2 cards. Is that the bare minimum to receive the effect?

Clarifying I Just Want to Sing! - How much of a song should be sung to receive credit? 1 line? More than 1 line? Is humming fine?

Clarifying What is Your Quote - First, the player is allowed to look at the cards before stating the number of lines they will say, correct? Next, is it interpretted to be back and forth lines to accomplish the action? My group decided yes, and not just quote different lines. Also, this is not able to be split up when 1, 2, 5! is in play, correct? One cannot do 2 and 3? Can they do 3 or 4 lines for 3 or 4 cards, or does it not count unless it's 5 at that point? Likely all fairly simple answers, but I wanted to clarify.

Clarifying Run Away! Run Away! - For the rules-nazi's, how is a fair way to decide who gets what without being influenced by what others who act faster decide? Perhaps rotating around in turn order from the active player, setting them aside but going to that person when the card resolves?

Clarifying Return of the Dead - "Take all Creepers out of the discard pile and deal them out to all players, starting with the person on your left" vs Zombie Jamboree - "Gather up all Keepers and Creepers on the table, shuffle them together, and deal them back out to all players starting with yourself. --- Point to note is that Zombie Jamboree specifies shuffling them together, meaning the dealing contents are random. Return of the Dead does not, however. Is it important what the order was in the discard pile? Does it start with the topmost and go around as you go down the discard pile? Or do you get to choose who gets what, as long as you choose in a circular manner so that the dealing is evenly distributed?

Lotsa complicated stuff here, sorry if I made any Brains Hurt. :P

-Tobias Amaranth

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