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[Fluxx] Another way to play Fluxx-'DeFluxx'

  • FromMichael Brian De Mesa <mikelodeon11@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 11 Jan 2009 14:33:14 -0800
I stumbled upon sections on how people made their set of rules in playing Fluxx differently,
such as Fluxxentration.
I thought of something radical and I haven't seen anyone post it yet.
Though maybe someone did, I haven't actually checked the old archives.
Let me know if someone did thought of this before me.
How about "deFluxx"? Why don't we flip the rules a bit.
the idea:
- The game starts like Fluxx.
- But the goals aren't there to help you win, but rather to make you lose.
If you met the conditions, you're out of the game.
- Keepers are played like Creepers, and vice-versa.  Meaning to say, if you
draw a keeper, play it right away, and keep drawing till you fulfull the draw
requirement of non-keeper cards.  On the other hand, creepers are played
by the players at their will.  You want to keep creepers to your side and
keepers away from you.
- You want to play goals to knock other players out of the game.  If you're
the last person left in the game, you win.
- Its best played with Zombie fluxx, because of the creeper size in the deck.

Other thoughts:
- This can be a new rule card.  Once discarded, the original rules of Fluxx applies.
A good way to gather keepers then win the game, just have 'trash a new rule'
card handy.  Once 'defluxx' rule is discarded and you got eliminated during that
time, you have a chance to join in again by starting with 3 cards (like in the
original rule).
- I'm also thinking it can be made as a meta rule.
- I haven't actually tried it and there might be conflicting situations that may
arise.  Such as the ungoal card, zombie victory. Does that mean everybody wins?
But i thought this might be a good discussion topic.

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