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Re: [Icehouse] Random Bits

  • From"Tom Phoenix" <rootbeer@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 20 Feb 2006 08:33:46 -0800
On 2/19/06, Derek Hohls <dhohls@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> A few non-related items.

Not to scold you too badly, but... Because non-related items may spawn
non-related discussions, they should generally be posted in separate
messages, with separate subject lines.

> 1.  The pics for new Bears, Foxes & Hares are blocked for me - can they
> be hosted on the wiki site instead?

The answer is on the Wiki; look for the recent site new. Or if it
isn't, you should post the question on the wiki; it's for discussion
there better than here. Look for the "discuss this page" link to find
the "Talk:" page.

> 2. Can I subscribe to "Looney News" by email?  If so, can someone
> point me to the instructions.  Thanks!

I believe that the Wunderland Weekly News is not currently available
anywhere but the web. But you can subscribe to the notification list,
so you'll know when a new issue is posted.


> 3.  Re the die for TreeHouse - it was suggested that "the dice be generic dice
> in Looney colors, or something." I agree that a multi-coloured die would be
> cool  - for one of TreeHouse sets, the colours could be blue(tip), red(aim),
>  green(hop), yellow(swap), black(dig).  The last face would be a circle with
> little pie shapes of the 5 other colours (wild).   Colors could also be
> overprinted with symbols for greater clarity.... colors/symbols are
> certainly more reusable for other new 1-set or 2-set games ... they might
> even form a game by themselves!  But I guess issues of cost will the
> main restraining factor?



--Tom Phoenix

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