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[Icehouse] Another Treehouse/Volcano idea.

  • Fromkerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx
  • DateWed, 01 Mar 2006 22:34:55 +0000
Four Treehouse sets would give you enough to play a better than usual game of Mini-Volcano.  

With a Zendo set (five nests each of four colors), you can play on a 4x4 board with five nests of each of three colors and five caps of the fourth color.  But with 4House (four nestss each of five colors), you could have four nests of each of fours of the colors (thus filling a 4x4 board) and four caps of the fifth color.  Sweet.

I may have to look at the ending/winning condition, but if we ever have a 4House game design contest, I claim this version of Mini-Volcano as mine (with one heck of a nod to Kristin, of course).  :-)


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  • From"Mark Crane" <craniac@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 1 Mar 2006 20:18:01 +0000
Hi all,
I'm a new purchaser of the icehouse system and "playing with pyramids."

My total investment in the game is only $34, which doesn't sound like much, but it occured over two purchases.

You've obviously thought long and hard about selling the system, and the treehouse concept, as an analogue to the crappy yet popular LCR, seems like a great idea.  Now I've got to buy a fifth stash so I can design something for it.

I'll buy any game that costs $10, with the exception of candyland.  It's unfortunate that there isn't a more affordable way to manufacture within the states.  I keep thinking of those pulp egg cartons and wondering if there is an affordable process for making the pyramids out of pulped wood fibers, with some sort of non-toxic binding agent, so they could be built from lumber "waste."  You'd have a pleasingly solid pyramid and the benefits of being environmentally friendly.  My guess is that this idea was probably considered and discarded a decade ago, but just in case I thought I would throw it out.

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