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Re: [Icehouse] End of Tournament Games

  • FromJoshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 6 Jul 2006 16:28:59 -0500
Elliott C. Evans writes:
>Sure; OK; if everybody in the tournament agrees that none of them
>wants to actually win the tournament, this would work. I don't see
>it as highly likely, though.

It's in the microcosm that this kind of metagaming actually makes a
difference, I think.

In my fourth game of the Ice-offs, I had 2 wins, and was pretty sure
that double-winners were thin on the ground.  In the game was another
double-winner, a single winner, and Josh Drobina (who had no wins)

So...what was, metagame, important, was that the single-winner not
win.  As long as he didn't, there was a good chance that I'd make the
finals; if he did, I had to compete on score.

What actually happened was that I played my best game, and got timed
out during the attempt to rescue my iced defenders that I got from a
late deal with Josh D, leaving JD in posession of the field.  But a
valid metagame (but to me, not a very fun actual-game) strategy would
have been to attack the single-winner mercillessly, not worrying about
anything aside from staying out of the icehouse and not letting him (?
I think so) win, on the grounds that short of winning myself, that was
the best way of making sure I'd make the finals.

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