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  • From"Ryan McGuire" <kerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 23 Oct 2006 08:12:33 -0400
Back on July 24, I wrote this:
>  Move       Clear    As in "This ship is going to CLEAR out of this
>  Trade      Orange   Because it looks the most like gold.
>  Construct  White    Like the white building materials of Portland,
                       England and/or the Inuit.
>  Attack     Purple   Like the bruises you'll have when I'm done
So it looks like we line up on everything but whether to use Cyan or Orange for traders.  No big deal one way or the other.  I think using Orange make more intuitive sense if you're only looking at Xeno Treehouse sets.  I think that your point about using an IceTowers set is a good.  I am now 50/50 on whether Trade should be Orange or Cyan.
I initially thought that using only one of Cyan or Clear in the game would allow the use of single-chargers abbreviations in games records.  BUT... rather than using C,O,W,P (or whatever) color abbreviations when recording a game or sending a move for a Play Be Mail game, it would be better if the Homeworlds community standardizes on using the _powers_ for the abreviations, M,T,C,A as above (or C,T,N,W as you used).  That way one PBMer could use a Xeno set and the other a Rainbow set, and there would be no confusion at all.
   Andy:1:Homeworld (LCST, la)
   Russell:2:Homeworld (MMST, lc) Name (MMST, "Peace")
   Andy:3:Construct (LCST, sa)

   {Stash Inventory}

Andy started with a Large Construct/Small Trade homeworld with a large
attack ship, while Russell had a Medium Move/Small Trade homeworld
(henceforth named "Peace") with a large construct ship.  Then Andy used the
Large Construct piece of his world to spawn a small attack ship there.
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> Does anyone have reccomendations for color/power combinations for playing
> homeworlds with a xeno set (specifically the IceTowers boxed set colors, so
> no orange).
> Here's what I'm thinking so far:
> ---
> Colonists: White
> * The opaque color seems to represent a solid base from which to grow new
> ships
> Traders: Cyan
> * Closest to blue...
> Navigators: Clear
> * Representing the void through which they travel
> Warriors: Purple
> * Closest to red. Hottest of the four available colors.
> ---
> If orange were added, that could be traded for purple but I think purple
> matches much better with the other four colors.
> Thoughts?
> -Evan Parker

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