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Re: [Icehouse] Size for 4 - 6 pointers (Was: Giant Martian Coaster boards)

  • From"Don Sheldon" <don.sheldon@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 10 Jan 2007 16:28:20 -0500
On 1/10/07, kerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx <kerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx> wrote:
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From: "Don Sheldon" <don.sheldon@xxxxxxxxx>
> Each step is 3/8ths of an inch taller and approximately 7/32nds wider
> (actually 3/14ths, but good luck finding that on your ruler), so a six
> pip would be 2 1/8" tall and 1 21/32" wide.  Approximately.  (Actually
> 1 9/14")

3/14???  Let's try that again?

Yeah, 3/14ths.

It comes from the queen being /exactly/ 1" wide and 1.75" tall.  And
the pawn being 1" tall.

Interpolating everything else from there you get that the pawn should
be /exactly/ 4/7ths of an inch wide.  (The inverse of 7/4ths aka 1

The drone is the average.  1 3/8 = 1.375 and 11/14 = some ugly decimal
that's almost 25/32.

Each step is a change in height of 3/8ths (0.375) and a change in
width of 3/14ths (another ugly number in base 10).  If you want to be
exact.  If you blow up your 'mids to huge sizes it might actually
matter, but as long as you can pick them up with your fingers it makes
little difference (within half a percent).

Using your nomenclature the general solution is:

(5+3x)/14 inches wide by
(5+3x)/8 inches tall
where x is the number of pips.

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 that's how I'd do it, I can't say that that's how it was done