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[Icehouse] Ikkozendo updated on the Wiki, to accomodate color-based rules

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 11 Jan 2007 14:24:54 -0700
Christopher Hickman write:
> And really, in a game that is meant to be a simpler and faster version of Zendo, 
> doesn't the loss of one variable aid in that goal, while having only three pieces 
> of any given color (when playing with a Treehouse set) to work with would make 
> color-based rules even *more* difficult.
> In short, I think this game would play better with a monochrome stash.

OK, having finally played Ikkozendo with a Treehouse stash (bought one
last night 
from my FLGS), I discovered that, yes there is a *slight* issue with
rules that 
mention color. I tried the rule "has an orange medium pointing at a
blue" just to 
try to a "worst case scenrio" of this potential objection... and it went
fine, once 
I had another insight. I have updated the Wiki to reflect that insight,
but to 
summarize here:

The Master is permitted to adjust *one or both* of the two koans, to
disprove a 
Student's guess. (I also go on to explicitly mention that rules about
color can 
force such a double adjustment.)

Give it a read and tell me if I have missed anything obvious; or provide
feedback on your play, in the Talk area for that article:

In conclusion, no, I don't agree; it's a GREAT game with a normal
Treehouse stash; 
one just has to think a bit more about how to disprove, when folks start
to narrow 
in on the rule and you're having to work with only three pieces of a
given color.

Thanks for the feedback, though!
David Artman