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[Icehouse] Ikkozendo rules - wording tweaks

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 16 Jan 2007 09:55:03 -0700
Thanks for the suggested rewrite, Kory. I made a slight tweak 
to it, in order to tighen it up a bit (i.e. get the parenthetical 
expression at the end of the long sentence and change the 
conjunction). To whit:

  Students do not build koans and do not ask "Mondo" or "Master" 
  and do not acquire guessing stones.
  Instead, on a Student's turn, the Student attempts to guess the 
  secret rule or must pass. In the real time variant, a Student 
  just shouts out a rule guess when one occurs to him or her.
* If a Student guesses and is incorrect, the Master must adjust 
* one of the koans so that it disproves the guess. In doing so, 
* the Master may remove pieces from the koan or add pieces to it. 
* The Master also may use pieces from the other koan or adjust the 
* other koan in any way, as long as, after all adjustments, one of 
* the koans disproves the guess while both retain their original 
* relationships to the rule (i.e. the true koan remains true and 
* the false koan remains false).
  Note that, if the secret rule involves color, the Master will 
  often have to add or remove pyramids from both koans, because 
  there are only three pyramids of any given color (and only one 
  of a given size and color!) in a Treehouse stash.
  After the Master's disproof, it is immediately the next 
  Student's turn. In the real time variant, the Master must be 
  sure not to let a Student double-up guesses and dominate the 
  game, which can happen as an excited Student begins to close 
  in on the secret rule. 


Better? Feel free to revise the wiki itself, if there's a 
rewording that you feel tightens it up even more.

By the way... have you tried this variant, yet? Any general 
feedback on it? Do you think it's ready for prime time (i.e. 
not a Game In Dev anymore)? I have played it enough that I 
think I've found all the "strategic gotchas" (there's not 
really enough meat on the rules' bones for them to need much 
addition or correction; just proper wording to finalize). 

Thanks, again, for your efforts and attention;
David Artman

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