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[Icehouse] Two pyramid variants: 6-player Martian Coasters and RAMhouse

  • Frommadlab.rabbit.krishaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateFri, 26 Jan 2007 09:52:31 +0900
Hi All,

I've created a couple of variants of some pyramid games and Kristin
encouraged me to post them here.

First up, 6-player Martian Coasters:

(This was previously posted to the Rabbits list.)

For best results you need a Treehouse set + one other colour of
pyramids, the basic Martian Coasters coasters and the 2006 Holiday promo
coaster. And the ability to print out stuff in A3. The game is played as
if you're on a cube (it wraps around the edges, hopping is not allowed),
and it uses a "virtual coaster", meaning it has six identical coasters
printed on the A3 sheets, only one of which should be visible at any one
time.  The other five should have coasters covering them at all times.
Further instructions are included in the PDF.

Second, my new creation, RAMhouse:

RAMhouse is for fans of RAMbots (and/or Robo Ralley) who have been
buying Treehouse sets rather than a standard four-colour Icehouse stash.
 It includes setup changes to cope with a pyramid collection that can't
be neatly split into four identical pools, and new rules as to what
other coloured beams do.  Eg;

Xeno (Light) Blue - Repeat
  A Xeno blue beam causes the RAMbot it hits to execute, as the next
  instruction, the same instruction that it just executed. If this
  occurs during the last execution of the phase it is ignored.

I have also posted links to both these variants on the appropriate pages
at icehousegame.org's Wiki.  If anyone has any suggestions, or wishes to
point out spelling and grammatical errors, you're welcome to post back
to this list or contact me directly via any of the methods listed at

Yours, Chris J.