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[Icehouse] How is it going? one year later...

  • FromKristin Looney <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 27 Feb 2007 22:58:11 -0500
Over on the something list, Christopher & KrisJohn discussed:

The travel-sized Homeworld set introduced "zero-pip" pieces.
Now I'd just like a follow-up on them: Will they be added to the mold?

You can't just "add to the mold" per se.  Changing the mold is a very
expensive prospect, as Kristin discussed a while back:

It's been a year, is it working?

Thanks Guys!  Very interested to go read this again:

We shipped our very first Treehouse set one year ago tomorrow, and
in that year we have sold 8004 sets (4743 Rainbow, 3261 Xeno).  The
year before, we sold 5348 single color stashes (706 Red, 683 Blue,
619 Yellow, 616 Black, 596 Orange, 545 Purple, 473 Clear, 412 White).

So it's up, but not nearly as much as we need it to be. But not really
surprising, considering that most of my marketing ideas for the game
were never realized, so we did very little to promote it to our hobby
game stores that sell our games.  Never enough time or cash to do all
the things I want to do...  did I mention we are a tiny company?  :)

The shift to Treehouse is absolutely a success, and is proving to be
a good path towards increasing demand towards that eventual new mold.
We will get to all those marketing ideas eventually.  The game has
absolutely proven itself to be an excellent way to sell the pyramids.

But in the short term...  looking back at that message from early last
year again, the very last paragraph is more true than ever:

What can you, the pyramid fan do to help the pyramids?

4) Promote Fluxx too.  As much as we need to build the market for
the pyramids before we can make the new mold, it will still be
Fluxx sales that give us the cash we need to make that mold.
Promoting Fluxx will actually help the pyramids more in the long
run, odd as that might sound.

We are putting all our energy into Fluxx right now, working to bring
in more sales on our most profitable title, to increase our cash flow.
I don't actually want to jumpstart Treehouse sales right now, since
we won't be able to reprint it right away if we run out right now.

So if you know anyone that likes Fluxx, but does not regularly read
our webzine or mailing lists - please tell them about this cool new
computer promo card for Fluxx we just made!


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