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  • FromJoshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 6 Mar 2007 17:07:23 -0600
Carol Townsend writes:
>Hey folks, why don't we move the rest of this discussion over to the
>Something list.  Yes, it's an Icehouse related subject (of sorts) but it's
>starting to stretch way past the Icehouse-y sort of stuff and into other
>things that people on this list didn't necessarily sign up for.

It's true, it's true.  Always hard to switch things over, but I'm on
Something and would be happy to talk about this stuff here, even if
most of my contribution consists of "Don't use those terms!  They're
controversal!"  :)

>So please do, chatter on about RPGs of all sorts - Icehouse RPG included -
>but let's do it over on the Somethin list and bring this list back
>to games using plastic pieces of a specific size and shape...

Speaking of which, (and bringing things full circle, more or less) it
finally occured to me that I never got around posting the rules for
Jamais Space -- a turn based Icehouse game I designed as an in-game
game for the four hour one-shot all-amnesia LARP, Jamais Vue.

I should really clean up (and maybe playtest, more than playing it in
the game) the rules, but here's a URL:


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