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Re: [Icehouse] ZPIPs produced!

  • From"Timothy Hunt" <games@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 10 Mar 2007 22:42:32 -0600
so... now that your bandsaw is all set up...

How much would you sell a TreeHouse set's worth (3 of each colour)
for?  and how about 5 of each colour (thus giving a full 5-stash set)?
(Yes, I understand that cost effectiveness on the latter would
require that you could use the use the left over single piece of each
colour to make other 5-piece sets, if you could get orders)

Just wondering...

On 3/10/07, Robert Bryan <rbryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Paul Blake wrote:

>Unfortunately, the idea of using a bandsaw with this is not really feasible...

Au Contraire!  But thanks, because it was this statement that got me to actually go make some ZPIPs, as detailed here:


(Yes, it's the only post. Writing this up also got me to finally go set up a blog somewhere to put up show-and-tell stuff like this.  I must remember this the next time I'm procrastinating too much:  Just get someone to question the usefulnesses of the band saw....)

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