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[Icehouse] Re: ZPIPs produced!

  • From"Robert Bryan" <rbryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 11 Mar 2007 23:06:29 -0600
Timothy Hunt wrote:

>so... now that your bandsaw is all set up...

 It's set up now, but I'll want it for something else before long. 

>How much would you sell a TreeHouse set's worth (3 of each colour)
>for?  and how about 5 of each colour (thus giving a full 5-stash set)?
> (Yes, I understand that cost effectiveness on the latter would
>require that you could use the use the left over single piece of each
>colour to make other 5-piece sets, if you could get orders)

Basically I wouldn't.  While the comment that inspired me to go try it was in a discussion here of making these commercially, I'm not really interested.  I doubt there is much money to be made in the ZPIP market no matter what, and I'm particularly uninterested in tracking orders, figuring how to charge for partial sets, etc.   Even if someone else did that and I was just chopping, you're up against a good job and two kids: at the relevant scales, I've got more money than free time. No price I'd feel comfortable asking is going to motivate me on purely financial grounds.

If you really want some ZPIPs, I'd encourage you to try making them yourself; it's really not that hard.  I used a bandsaw because I've got one and like figuring stuff like this out, but hand tools will do it fine, just not as fast.  That said, if anyone on this list really wants a lot more ZPIPs than hand tools make feasible, send me an email.  I probably won't do it for money, but I might do it for some combination of being a nice guy and barter for something cool.  To quote a great saying, I'm attracted to awesomeness. 

Finally, the pieces I have on hand and am willing to sacrifice are 3 of each of the 4 standard colors; exactly what's needed for a pocket sized Homeworlds set.  I'm going to go ahead and turn them into ZPIPs.  I will give them, absolutely free, to the next person who beats me at Homeworlds on Super Duper Games. 


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