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Re: [Icehouse] Single-Stash Games Designers Wanted

  • From"Chris Kice" <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 31 Mar 2007 13:27:51 -0500
Would you count a single stash game that requires Martian Coasters?  I posted Zamboni Wars on the wiki and it's been playing really well thus far.  I think I can release it from playtesting status and call it a "real" game.

Feel free to include it (I agree with all of the caveats below):  http://icehousegames.org/wiki/?title=Zamboni_Wars

You're also free to use the photos from the Wiki article - I'm the original copyright holder of them and released them into the CC.


On 3/30/07, David Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, all;

This is a call-out to all Icehouse/Treehouse single-stash games

Some time ago, I was given the go-ahead to typeset and deliver as a PDF
on Looney Labs' site, a compilation of games for pyramids. I had been
pulling easy-to-teach games from the wiki, for my demoing and weekly
game nights, and putting them into my own, printed book. As I have a
full set of 11 monochrome stashes, I paid little heed to the number of
stashes required (or any other elements)--I just picked what looked

Well, we're up to 165 games on the wiki and 95% of them look fun (the
other 5% are either confusing to me or WAY to massive for me to attempt
in demos or weekly pick-up gaming--*cough*Gnostica*cough*). There's no
way I can get them all into a book; how to decide who makes the cut and
who doesn't? I decided to step back and reconsider: what would best
serve Looney Labs, right now, in addition to my demoing and pick-up

Single-stash games. Games a customer can play with one Treehouse stash,
maybe Martian Coasters, and common gaming elements like chessboards or

Currently, there are 23 on the wiki, but I bet there are several more
that don't have the [[category:Single stash]] tag to get them to sort
out on that category page (ex: I just added single-stash category to
Zamboni Wars). Hence my call-out, here.

If you have a single-stash game design that is (mostly) through
playtesting and (mostly) ready for prime time, and if you are willing
to let me typeset it in a PDF--including (re)making diagrams for it and
editing some of the terminology, for consistency across the
compilation--please contact me at my e-mail address above with a link
to it on the wiki or elsewhere.

Here's the overall plan:
TITLE: Pocket Pyramids
SUBTITLE: x Games for One Stash of Treehouse Pieces
(x = number of games in the final book; minimum of 12, I should think)

General book format to match Playing With Pyramids for fonts, sizes,
digest book size, etc.

Illustrations to be redone, in order to make consistent imagery (as in
PWP: one artist, several designers). Currently, I will be doing artwork
in Visio, saved as EPS, to maintain vector art format, which is highly
scalable/zoomable and which prints perfectly, with no dithering. I will
choose colors which print well in black & white (possibly Xeno?) and
which closely match the actual pieces.

Release will be only as a PDF for download only from Looney Labs'
site--but feel free to link to it from your contributing games, of
course--see how the Hypothermia and Playing With Pyramids games are
handled, for a guideline.

In all likelihood, the whole book will be released under the Creative
Commons (Attribution, Non-commercial, Share-Alike) v3.0 License:

I have already discussed releasing this compilation as a printed book or
via print-on-demand, and it is my understanding that there is no
interest in such a new printed product at Looney Labs. [Aside: I'll
admit that I still don't understand why they wouldn't carry it as
print-on-demand, for those who were willing to pay: it's basically free
money in the mail, for uploading a file to a POD provider like Lulu or

So, in short, it's all free for all, and it will serve as a "loss
leader" to help customers discover the wide variety and flexibility the
Icehouse system provides with even ONE Treehouse stash. There will be a
link to the wiki in the PDF, and I hope that, in short order, folks are
buying up sets of five to play all the other 130 games!

Sorry so long, but this is the best way I could find to reach out to all
designers. Trying to find every single-stash game on the wiki, then
comment in the Talk page, then wait and hope it's seen... well, I'd
still be awaiting permissions in 2010! :)

Sincerely, and with a dream of pyramids in every household... right on
top of dusty, unused Monopoly sets...

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