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  • From"Carlton Noles" <carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 3 Apr 2007 01:22:35 -0400
Little ones.

On 4/2/07, Mike Yarrum <yarrum@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I didn't think of doing a multi-game spread like that! Good idea, thanks David. That reminds me... I need to print out some Eeyore boards, and maybe a nice Volcano board, too. *runs off to Kinkos*

As for length, I'm more concerned with keeping a viewer's attention. A quick overview of all the games in one video, with maybe more in-depth videos for each game sounds like a good idea to me.
What does everyone think? One monster Icehouse vid, or a lot of little ones?

On 4/2/07, David Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:
"As a loyal fan with a camera and too much time on his hands, what would
you like to see?"

You could try doing what I do for (most) demos I run....

I set up the following displays:
Martian Coasters - MCs, four colors of trees, and the two dice.
Martian Mudwrestling - two monochrome stashes and a Volcano board
(chessboard will do).
Treehouse - four colors of trees, one solid house, and the TH die.
Three-Way Martian Chess - Eeyore boards, 9 random stacks (3 per player).

I believe you can do all that with six stashes--I have all eleven plus
one each of TH sets, so I often use different colors for every game, to
make for the "oo-aah" effect.

Then, you could start with a brief intro/history of the pieces, and then
rattle of each game in turn as if you are giving the "executive summary"
of it.

OR, you could go into full rules details and even show a few turns of
mid-game play, if you are so inclined--it's not like you have to pay
for the air time! You could even do it with a cut or transition of some
kind, from setup to mid-game to endgame, to really show how the games
play out.

Close with "available at your local gaming store OR at
looneylabs.com--but check at your store first!"

Let your enthusiasm show and it will work out fine. Send us a link to it
when you're done--I will want to forward it to my local game store
owners, so they can show it to curious customers if they want.

Cool idea!

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