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[Icehouse] Re: Single-Stash Games Designers Wanted

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 03 Apr 2007 07:20:54 -0700
"When do you need finished games "published" to the Wiki by?"

An actual deadline date? Aw, man, I dunno....

OK, I will attempt to deliver this to the Looneys by my birthday, June
22nd, 2007. I have a couple of other projects dangling around that I
need to wrap, so this MIGHT slip a bit... let's say you've got until
the end of May to get your game online and finalized. After that point,
I will be making graphics and editing for consistency, so last-minute
changes will be harder to integrate.

Some additional information:
I will probably be polling the group a bit later (once everyone's had a
chance to properly categorize their games) for a rough-and-ready vote
on the games to include. Why? Because I am betting there's going to end
up being about 50, and there's a limit to what I can do (especially
given that games invention is a moving target). I think that much more
than about 25 will be too many for me; and the final limit will be
partially based on page signatures (i.e. one game more or less might
complete the 2-up, duplex page layout I intend to "bake" into the PDF).

I will want to see a wide variety of games in the final compilation, and
I will favor innovative (read: wacky or weird) games because they can
really highlight the flexibility of the Icehouse system. At the other
end of the spectrum, a game which leverages a lot of existing game
rules (ex: Martian Chess) will also be favored, as it provides
accessibility (i.e. ease of learning; comfort zone). And THAT might
inform the game grouping in the book sections ("Traditional Style,"
Abstract and Freeform," "Outer Limits," and so forth).

Any other questions?