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  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 30 Apr 2007 08:18:54 -0700
Great first commercial! I'm looking forward to some of the more "in
depth" ones--do you plan to delve into strategy and such, for whatever
game(s) you are covering each episode?

A couple of suggestions, though (most of which I am sure you realize):
1) Better lighting and sound. I had trouble hearing you at full volume,
and the colorful nature of pyramids is their bigger (biggest?) draw.
Speaking of which...
2) Rainbow would probably show up better on camera than Xeno (not using
clear and white, in particular).
3) Have you considered stop-motion? Maybe not germane or needed for the
overview, but when you want to show the flow of a whole game of
something like Martian Mud Wrestling, you could use stop-motion
(frame-by-frame filming, moving a piece one square every ten or twenty
frames) to show the progress of various moves and counter-moves, in a
matter of moments. A good digital camera, tripod, and some movie
software is all you'd need for such scenes.
4) Viewing angle is going to be rather key, for some later films (of
particular games). Often, overhead will be very useful, but some games
(MMW, again) benefit from an oblique/isometric angle. If you find you
can't do it all with one angle, just be sure you don't "cross the line"
(i.e. don't show the game from more than one side of the "field" so that
each player is always on the same side in the scene).

A useful article from Game Developer Magazine (but about scene framing
in general):

Kudos, Mr. DeMille!

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