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[Icehouse] Wki category pages

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 13 Apr 2007 12:08:41 -0700
(Sorry, Carol, for rolling back in a bit earlier than I said I would,
but I didn't want Brian to work alone or do parallel work.)

Brian; check out this nascent "What Can I Play?" page (working title):

I see you've started on some Category sorting... it's funny: I was
building up the tables in that page, for the whole TH set versus IH
stash breakdown, and I realized this almost all could be done with the
Category pages. All EXCEPT the actual number of sets/stashes, because
that's such a muddle (see earlier list posts and additional text

SO... I am thinking the hybrid approach on that page is best:
Tables for the stuff like sets and stashes (and time, for now, but that
could easily become a Category set).
Category break-downs, for things that easily fit categories, like
equipment or dice or minimum number of players.

[Oh, quick aside: I made an "n-player" category for "scalable" games
like Armada, Martian Shuffleboard, Stacktors!, and any game that
supports, well, N number of players, where N is greater than 1.]

That way, we don't have category explosion, trying to have "X stashes"
and "Y stashes per player" and "Z Treehouse sets" (and "W Treehouse
sets per player"? Are there any, yet?) with values 1 through 10 for X,
Y, and Z (and W).

Plus, there's an issue with "minimum" versus "recommended" numbers of
stashes/sets: for example, Stacktors! *can* be played with one Xeno and
one Rainbow... or one each per player... or a full set of ten (or
eleven) monochrome stashes... or two 3Houses (one of Rainbow, one of
Xeno). I'd have pretty much EVERY "stash" or "set" category tag in the
book, on Stacktors!, to be accurate and thorough. But with a table
layout (and that table's assumptions explanation and preamble) it's
easy to see every game you can play with, say, three Xeno sets without
every game having to tag "one or two or three or four or..." sets (if

Hehe... it IS a lot of work, just getting the receptacles ready, never
mind actually shifting all 170 games' categories to suit the "new

OK, I'm out for the weekend (as Carol asked) and I hope everyone is
happy, well, and enjoying Spring.

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