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Subject: [Icehouse] New Game, Drip
Drip is a single stash icehouse game that requires the square tube packaging to play.

the rules are available in PDF format here.

The rules are formatted to fit on a poker size card for easy portability.

I'm looking forward to any feedback you may have.

Here's a suggestion for a variant that complicates the strategy:
  • Players use four pyramids each instead of two
  • Game play uses two of the rectangular stacking tubes instead of one
  • The player who owns the pieces chooses to play either "even" or "odd".  The other player is the opposite.
  • Play occurs as originally described, though on his/her turn a player can play a pyramid from either player in either tube
  • Play ends when both tubes have been "won" or "lost".
  • The game is won:
    • by the "evens" player if he/she either won both tubes or lost both tubes, or
    • by the "odds" player if he/she won one tube and lost the other
Offered humbly for your consideration.

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