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Re: [Icehouse] New Game, Moon Shot

  • FromAvri Klemer <avri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 08 Jul 2007 11:48:04 -0400
Played this solo last night (after teaching Treehouse/Martian Coasters to a crowd of staff here at Camp).

David, this is one of the most "more-ish" games I've ever played. Kept giving it "just one more try". Didn't hurt that my first *ever* Moon Shot resulted in a Colonization, then I couldn't get any kind of landing for the next dozen attempts!

I love it!  I assume this one needs to be included in "Pocket Pyramids"?


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= Moon Shot =

== Shot Setup ==
Make a tree and set it upright on a smooth surface. This is your
two-stage booster rocket and capsule.

Set a tube on its side on the surface no closer to the tree than the
length from a tube, with its open top facing the tree.

== Shot Play ==
Using the tip of a finger, gently knock over the tree so that it
separates, sliding and skittering across the surface.

== Shot Scoring ==
If any part of the small enters the tube, you have Landed on the Moon:
* If the small still points away from the original site of the tree, it
is a Crash Landing and is worth 1 point, for the limited scientific
gains made before your crew dies from dehydration.
* If the small now points back towards the original site of the tree, it
is a Controlled Landing and is worth 2 points, because you not only
complete your scientific objectives but also return the crew safely to

If any part of the small enters the tube AND any part of the medium
enters the tube, you have Colonized. The game ends immediately and
points are tallied.

== Game Ending ==
The game always ends when a Colony is established; the player with the
most points at that moment is the winner.

Players may also set a point goal of 5 to 10 points to win, to keep a
game from running too long. This option, however, reduces some of the
strategy in the game: for some very scientific reason, attempts to
Colonize have a low chance for a lucky, consolation Landing if you miss
with the medium.

== License ==
CC Attrib/NonComm/Share 3.0

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