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RE: [Icehouse] New Game, Moon Shot

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 09 Jul 2007 08:25:35 -0700
Glad you liked it, Avri... yeah, it's addictive, to me sure.

I'm surprised you Colonized so fast. I prolly tipped about fifty times before it (accidentally) happened and I realized that could be the end game condition. Though once I was trying, it only took, oh, twenty tries.

Trust me; it's a LOT easier than the original, noodling-around version where I set a tube top on its edge and one of the "big points" landings was to hit the top and have it cover the small when it tipped over. THAT might have happened once in the two hours I was dinking with it....

Here's the write-up:

I might need to comment about "first shot Colony" and whether that's:
* a win (first to Colonize if tied is winner--need a tie resolution, in general),
* a loss (your Colony fails because you've done no science on previous launches),
* or just ignored (i.e. 0 - 0 tie means you might as well immediately start over, ignoring the first-shot Colony).

Also, I might want to explicitly state that the tube CAN be further than a tube-length away, just not less. A part of the finesse of the game (such as it is) is setting the tube distance at the sweet spot for your particular tipping method (I notice that my Smalls tend to "run around" a bit further than a tube away, if they do ANYTHING consistently).

And, yeah, it *might* be in Pocket Pyramids (delayed, sorry... work, birthday, and summer vacation conspiring against my 6/22 release date). I want to play it a bit more, to be sure it's not tantamount to flipping coins. I MOSTLY feel like it's controllable, but then I can go ten shots without a Landing.

(By the way... did you notice that you tend to make MORE shots the less you think about them and just "tip from the hip," so to speak? I did....)

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