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Re: [Icehouse] Design Competition?

  • FromAvri Klemer <avri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 12 Jul 2007 11:51:55 -0400
I think you recall correctly, Chris. 
David, seems that if you want to run with this, then go for it.
Looking forward to a month of playing new Icehouse games!
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From: Chris Kice
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 11:35 AM
Subject: Re: [Icehouse] Design Competition?

I think the talk died down, something I was very disappointed about because I was planning to enter!

Or am I missing something, too?


On 7/12/07, David Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I can't get into the archives (for some reason) so I can't search on the last time we talked about doing a Design Competition.

Wasn't someone going to try to organize submissions and judging, maybe through the wiki?

Apparently 2006 didn't have a single "quarterly" competition; we shouldn't let 2007 go by without at least one contest!

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