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Re: [Icehouse] SDG Broken?

  • FromAaron Dalton <aaron@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 31 Jul 2007 15:08:25 -0600
What appears to be happening is one of our app servers suffered some
damage during the crash this morning.  Your firefox was being sent to
the damaged server whereas your IE (when it opened a brand new
connection) got sent to the good server.  I have downed the damaged
server so no more traffic will be sent to her while I find and fix the
problem.  The 2nd server appears to be working perfectly normally,
though, so you *should* be able to connect properly using FF in the next
60 seconds.

Thanks for your patience.
Aaron Dalton       |   Super Duper Games
aaron@xxxxxxxxxx   |   http://superdupergames.org

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