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[Icehouse] Monochrome Stashes

  • From"Marissa Wills" <crystallineangel@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 2 Aug 2007 12:54:08 -0400
Okay, I can understand everyone's concerns considering this change. I also understand where the Looneys are coming from. At this point, they're trying to conduct business, to actually sell another game (besides the ever-popular Fluxx), and to be honest, I LOVE the fact that ANY pyramid game has gotten this popular. It appeals to something that many newbie gamers want; an all-inclusive game. With the old stashes, people would complain about not being able to use a single stash, requiring two, four, five stashes for most of the games. Treehouse was made for these people, and has suddenly become a sensation.

However, some of us like having monochrome stashes on hand so we don't have to tear apart and reassemble the treehouse sets to play our old favorites. Still, this is currently secondary to selling product and keeping the Looney Labs name and momentum going. This kind of momentum is what allows us to continue to design and release more games (like Just Desserts, which has been on the back burner as we focus on Fluxx and the pyramids).

My opinion in a nutshell: For the sake of actually having stock of a popular product, sacrifices must be made. Go ahead and take the monochromes apart. The concession I would make, though, is that when things settle down, the stock is well taken care of, and manufacturing is easy, bring back some monochrome (you don't need a lot, really) for that small market. If nothing else, a clear or white set for the creative folk...like "make-a-set" or something like that. :)

However, I know my opinion is simply that and probably has no effect on things. Just my $.02.

Peace, Love, and Pyramids,

-Marissa, Pine Rabbit

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