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[Icehouse] quick Homeworlds question(s)

  • FromAustin Muhlestein <horowits@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 8 Aug 2007 22:04:40 -0600
Recently my friends and I have learned and been enjoying homeworlds.
I was just wondering what the importance of using  the red, yellow, blue, and green stashes to play homeworlds with.  Is this just because those were the first colors made or is there a deeper reason behind it?
My friend has those color stashes, I do not.  I have a black, red, yellow, and white.  Would it be blaspheme to have black function as blue and white function as green, or is this an acceptable change due to the stashes I have access to?
Sorry if this question is a little silly, I was just wondering :)
p.s. Im Austin if we havn't been introduced. More of a fluxx guy myself (suprise suprise) but I just recently got into icehouse via treehouse and martian coasters and enjoy it quite a bit.

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