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[Icehouse] Defending labsk.net (was: IGDC Winter 2008 is ready for announcement tomorrow!)

  • From"Jorge Arroyo" <trozo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 9 Nov 2007 00:27:08 +0100
This email is not to add more fuel to the discussion about the contest, but Jose Carlos de Diego (designer of Mundialito and owner of labsk.net) asked me to translate the following to the list:

"The original Martian Coasters are too small, that's why I made them bigger, so that the arrows are not covered by the pyramids. Also before labsk started promoting and talking about the Icehouse system, there wasn't almost anyone playing them in Spain."

I'd like to add that I'm selling Icehouse pyramids at my shop, and thanks to the work of people in labsk, I can tell customers that they can find many Icehouse games translated to Spanish (I only started translating Icehouse games very recently). This, believe it or not, it's a main selling point. Also, if you ask other shops, they'll tell you how thanks to that web site, they're actually selling pyramids in Spain. So even if they host pdfs to make your own pyramids, or coasters, I think they've done much more good than bad to the Loonies...


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