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Re: [Icehouse] What is 2HOUSE?

  • From"Jorge Arroyo" <trozo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 12 Nov 2007 21:43:41 +0100
I'm not going to dissect your posts, David. You quote me, and I still agree with what I said, because I hope the games really use the 2 sets fully. I also hope they use the characteristics of the pyramids fully (pips, stacking and orientation). But I maintain that 2HOUSEness is subjective.

You take the examples to the extreme, but many games (yours included) can be played with one set by distinguishing different types of game pieces with different kinds of tokens (pyramids, coins, dice, beads, etc...). I explained how your game could be played with one set by using coins for the public in a way that makes a lot of sense. In fact, by your test, if I have one set, I wouldn't buy a second one just to play it, because as you never need to stack public pieces on top of family pieces, the game is perfectly playable.

I still am quite disappointed that you choose to ignore your mistakes time and time again. That tells me more about you than your long posts, and bear in mind that I don't have anything against you as I don't really know you personally, but you don't come off too good when you throw accusations at the wrong person and don't even acknowledge your mistake. Not to mention that who you're really accusing (the owner of labsk.org) has done more for the Loonies than most of us on the list could ever hope to do...

Of course, people have stated their opinions and I accept it, it looks like we're in the minority and that's ok. I must say you're sounding more reasonable now, although I'm more with Bryan in how I see the restriction (and I like what he said about coolness). Let's hope no games have to be rejected.

Last. For the record, I'll quote Andy's post, because what he really said was that this:

The restriction I'm most interested in seeing is games for a
single-Treehouse set. From a biz standpoint, we're very keen on being able
to rattle off a list of other games the new purchaser can play with a
Treehouse set and nothing else (except commonly-owned materials).

My second choice would be games that use 2 Treehouse sets (or parts
thereof). As we pitch people on the system, we look forward to being able
to say "here are some games you can play when you get your second set,"
just as we can now say "here's a great trio of games you can play when you
reach the 3 set level." I could someday imagine a series of other booklets
like 3HOUSE: 1HOUSE, 2HOUSE, 4HOUSE, etc.

Cheers, and good luck to everyone,