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Re: [Icehouse] Another addict enters the house

  • FromGraveyard Greg <graveyardgreg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 17 Dec 2007 10:23:16 -0800
Believe me, I've been waiting for the trelease of these games. I'm certain I can test drive these games until we're sick of them. Or something resembling a plague, at least.

Graveyard Greg

Avri Klemer wrote:
Welcome, Greg.

You've arrived just in time for the Winter 2008 Icehouse Game Design Contest:


You should be able to test drive *all* the games entered, since the design restriction this time out is 2HOUSE!

Entries will be announced (here and elsewhere) around December 22, followed by a month or so of judging, with winners announced in early February.

It's a good time to be an Icehouse fan!

Welcome to the insanity - now I'm going for pizza . . .

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Graveyard Greg here. I've been a long time admirer of the Icehouse pyramids but always balked at the price. I believe at the time it was the uber set that cost around 40 dollars.

Years later, I'm at a con and a bunch of people are playing Zendo, though I did not know the game's name at the time, but I also noticed...the packaging! What was this Treehouse? Further investigation revealed it was a new game and a new packaging. Simply priced, at 10 dollars for 15 pyramids. Plus there was a vendor selling them.

One treehouse stash later, and it's a hit. I go home from the con, and my friends love the game.

Fast forward to the recent week. I now own three Treehouse stashes, the 3HOUSE rules, and the Martian Coasters. I will soon be owning two *more* stashes so we can play Zendo and perhaps the first game I saw, said game being Zarcana, now known as Gnostica. Though I might just be a Zarcana supporter, but we'll see.

So where's the pizza stashed in this house? I'm hungry!

Graveyard Greg

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