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Re: [Icehouse] Who's supposed to vote, now?

  • FromMarc Hartstein <marc.hartstein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 18 Feb 2008 18:58:39 -0500
On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at 06:22:43PM -0500, Nick Lamicela wrote:
>    I'm a little confused as to how these contests work. Is there a panel of
>    judges, or can anyone submit a ballot? I thought there was some "list"
>    somewhere of people who were supposed to judge the games, but apparently
>    not. What's going on here, about these contests? Maybe I could participate
>    if I knew what it was, and I bet other people feel the same way. It feels
>    exclusive, whether or not it is.

Anybody may submit a ballot.  More people playing and rating games will
make the competition (and the games) better.  All that's required to be
a judge is to play the games and report back on which ones you liked

You don't even have to play them all, although it's generally preferred
that you not rate games you didn't even look at, for what I trust should
be obvious reasons.

If it feels exclusive, I think everybody will agree with me that that's
a problem which should be addressed.

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