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RE: [Icehouse] Publishing only a winner and a runner up

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 26 Feb 2008 10:36:01 -0700
> From: "Jorge Arroyo" <trozo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Then the answer is to acquire more voters.
> That's a good answer for next contest. What about this one?

I think Avri was spot-on: nothing. It's over. Got ideas for next comp?
Present them.

> > It's not mandatory. No one is required to participate. Stop doing so, if
> > it brings you pain.
> Not exaclt pain, but disappointment. yes.

Then just stop. Believe me, I am (and I suspect others are) a bit more
than tired of explaining the methods to, defending the procedures from,
and making special accommodations for a single, vocal (obstreperous)

> Ok, I'll tell how happyI'm with results once we've got all the feedback in.

OK, heres' some feedback: have someone who understand VF perform a full
editorial pass of the rules. Provide some examples, ideally with art.
"Error-trap" every exceptional statement (e.g. if you state "unless
FOO," the explicitly state "in case of FOO").

> > As for the IGDC InfoBox: make your own "Top Three" box, or remove the
> > existing one from your game's page. Do not presume to change the
> > If you change the {{IGDCsssYYYY}} templates, I'll change them back; so
> > just drop that crusade, please, for both of our sakes. You just can't
> > tell others what to display on their pages....
> Wow!!!!! what a divisive attitude. I'm trying to get the community to agree
> on something and look at you with your "I'll do what I want and change them
> back" attitude. You must really hate this thing called democracy...

OK, F-U and the high horse you rode in on! [Language contained to
minimize the bitch-slap *I'm* going to get for this.]

*I'm* divisive?!? You propose to change a template that was made some
years ago, rather than make your own (cowardly, wingeing) one and use it
instead. You could be DONE with this whole windmill crusade, if you'd
just made a template page and let folks know about it. Instead, you come
along Stumping for Change that only one other person (sort of) wants.
And then you presume to say I'm undemocratic--when YOU would undo
other's past work (and presumably, THEIR democratic votes) on one of
many ways that results are published: the InfoBox base template.

Further, it's patent B-S that we have to do it one way or the other, on
the wiki, from some lame vote you'd force on everyone because you did
poorly because of a relatively small sample who didn't like (or, like
me, couldn't even begin to follow) your game. And then, like a true
demagogue of the Mobb, you turn pejoratives against me, when cajoling
and foot-stomping fails (of course making NO effort to be constructive
or help us "fix" what you think is "broken," rather than just hide some
of its results!).

Go run your own contest and leave ours alone. We were fine before you
got here, and you have done rather little to make it fun (for me, at
least) and a HELL of a lot to make it a chore.

> If the community decides to change the infobox, it will be changed. If you
> want to display a different infobox on your game no one will force you not
> to, but then it's you that are going against the wishes of the community.

Ah, I see.... You attempt to force a referendum on a tradition by (a)
ranting and (b) insulting the only person still involved in your
referendum debate; you are offered a very trivially solution to "do as
you wish" with your own InfoBox.... and your counter is "Nuh-uh, YOU go
do your own box like all past boxes, while my constituency (err,
constituent) and I change the traditional box." Seriously, dude... you
are the only person who cares: go be Your Own Man and make Your Own Box
and shut UP about it, already. If you change a template in use on MY
pages, YES, I will change it back. Just as you would have every right
(and should) change YOUR page back, if someone comes along and deletes a
paragraph of rules. What you propose is tantamount to deleting content,
like any common vandal.

The only "democracy" at the wiki comes about through cooperating on
organizational projects (like Level 1 navigation and Category
management)--if you don't believe me, try to get a link added to the
Navigation Panel! Once publication occurs, per our ACTUAL "state" of
slightly-moderated-anarchy, then it is protected by respect for your
fellow community members. SO, even if you get a plurality, you *still*
can't change existing templates--used for years--as you can't ever
assure us that the entirety of the "people of the state" were made aware
of your pet project, to participate in a vote on it. You'd have to
assure us all that you reached every past IGDC participant and judge, in
addition to the current community, to make them aware that their
rankings and opinions are now suspect and will be obfuscated by a new
Box. I can't imagine how much effort that would entail, compared to
making your own top-three box and using it as you wish on your own

That's the last I will say on this matter--or any other, with you. As
you have claimed to have said YOUR last words on the matter--calling for
a "vote" which will, mostly likely, be FAR more unrepresentative and
flawed that the claims you've leveled against the IGDC--I trust we need
never communicate again. [Cue display of magnanimity in the face of my
roguish dismissal, being sure to vocally demonstrate to the Mobb how
you've "forced me from the field" with your aplomb, when I have in fact
climb out of the midden heap of your arguments, tired of sullying my
boot soles.]

Farewell, and best of luck with your contest, which I will be kind
enough to ignore... rather than give in to the temptation to be as big a
nuisance to you as you have been to us;