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Re: [Icehouse] Zark City setup

  • FromChristopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 27 Feb 2008 14:30:38 -0800
On Wednesday, February 27, 2008, at 05:06PM, "Denis Moskowitz" <dmm@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 2/27/08, Doug Orleans <dougorleans@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > According to the Face Card Rules section: "Draw an extra card as
>> > needed."  I think that means you keep drawing until you get a non-face
>> > card.  But I don't know what happens if you end up with more than six.
>> >   Maybe a better rule would be to discard your whole hand and draw a
>> > new one?
>> I think a better rule would be to discard one and draw one until you get a
>> non-face card. This way both players end up with the same number of cards
>> after the first round.
>Doug's rule satisfies that as well.  I agree with both of you that it's
>a little unfair to give someone with the advantage of having 3 face
>cards an additional advantage of more cards in hand on the first round.
>Even better might be to make sure that none of the original hands have
>any face cards, through discards or by shuffling them in after the deal,
>so that the game starts with a peaceful period before the attacks start.

What would you think of this: 

Each player gets nine pyramids of one color, which are called the player's Stash.
Remove the face cards from the deck and shuffle the remaining cards. Deal three cards to each player, then shuffle the face cards back into the deck.
Everyone chooses a card from their hand and plays it face down.

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