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Re: [Icehouse] IGDC results

  • From"Jason Spears" <spielboy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 25 Jul 2008 21:58:05 -0400
Summer IGDC
My rankings:

   1. * Logger by Erik Dresner
   2. * Virus Fight by Jorge Arroyo
   3. * Albiorix by Don Sheldon
   4. * T-Minus by Daniel Cristofani
   5. * Atom Smasher by David Artman
   6. * Martian BattleSpires by Jonathan Hartshorn
   7. * Pass The Pyramids by Avri Klemer
   8. * Dog Eat Dog by Jason Darrah

* Ambush by Jason Spears and Erik Oosterwal
* Tresurion by Patrick Cowden


Logger - All enjoyed it immensely and will happily be playing it
again. Seems like there is room for tactics and possibly short term
strategy. I don't have any suggestions for the game itself, but the
rules need clean-up. We had some trouble figuring out how many
saplings a tree would spawn and that our player tokens would not come
from the 5 treehouse sets.
Did wonder about how the game would play if you could put a protester
on a non mature tree and/or moving protesters.

Played a 3rd time as we had enjoyed the first two games so much.
Logger will see regular rotation in my icehouse games and I hope to
see it available for online play on SuperDuperGames. (We continued to
play this after the contest was over.)

Dog Eat Dog - Game seemed to be too luck driven, with very little
strategy. After playing a few rounds, we halted the game and moved on
to another. I have little to no interest in playing again. Not my kind
of game.

Pass the Pyramids - Could be ok with kids, as they will get a hoot out
of tossing the pyramids. Most people won't have control over how they
throw the pyramids, so really it is a push your luck game. Decidedly
mediocre. Will probably not play again.

Virus Fight - All of us thought the rules were overly confusing.
Constantly calling the pyramids instructions made my brain whirl. We
started reading these rules at the beginning, then set them aside as
they seemed overly complicated. After barreling through them, we found
it wasn't so complicated and had potential. We made it through 3-4
turns, and Erik and Jason ended up knocking Trevor out of the game as
he was on a lone yellow pyramid, couldn't move it, couldn't move to
another pyramid and was eliminated. I look forward to playing this
again and me teaching it to others will make it go smoother. Even
understanding that each player would have 12 pyramids (4 colors, 3 in
each color) was confusing on first read through the rules.

Our second game went very well and I feel like I have a firm grasp of
the rules, just not on the strategy. I almost knocked another player
out, but instead allowed that player to eliminate me. Very fun.

Albiorix - This game has lots of potential to be very neat. However, I
feel it would great benefit from some simplification and better
written rules. In particular, some examples would help a ton. I feel
it is a mistake to tell me that a piece moves like some other piece in
the game, or worse it moves like this other piece in a different game.
Clearly explain how a piece can move. (Please make pictures.)

* Define what is forward.
* The poetic waxing is fine and dandy, but not good for clear
communication of mechanics.
* Can the soldier move over other pieces? A chess knight can, but I
don't know if that is true here.
* Does the dancer move up to 2 diagonal spaces, or exactly 2 diagonal
spaces? (I do realize she can change direction during movement.)

In our games, we saw a lot of the monad being taken and then the move
undone, so something else would have to happen. Not a complaint, just
an observation.

Atom Smasher - The rules about handing the pieces out confused me
some, but we worked out a decent solution. Also I wasn't sure I
understood the atom building portion correctly as it seems that the
second player would not have to put their pyramids any where nearby
the first player's ones. Lastly, we played on a large conference
table, so we ignored the wrist rules.  We enjoyed the meltdown rules
for circling pyramids and had a lot of fun flicking pyramids. I would
almost recommend safety glass though, as we had a lot of pyramids
shooting off the table.

Martian Battlespires - Interesting game, rules need some polishing as
I wasn't convinced we were playing correctly. Also it should be more
clear that moving a pyramid of yours onto an opponents is ok, even if
you aren't attacking. (This indeed could be a good strategy.) I'm
willing to give it another go, but at the moment, I wasn't really

T-Minus - After glancing at the rules and the board, I wasn't overly
keen to try this game. That was a mistake, it is a good "push your
luck" game, with a fun theme. The game can be very fun to play, or
very fustrating if the dice are against you. I think we probably
should have been more cautious at times than we were. The board also
should have the spaces numbered to facilitate easy moving of the
rockets. I will likely suggest this again with a few different groups.

Some comments after reading of rules (only)
Albiorix - I'm confused about what is meant by loyalty to (Queen,
Regent or Princess) and how that affects the game. If this is just
flavor, it should be after movement and perhaps italics, or some other
way to differentiate it.
(Found out what was meant by reading talk page. I believe this is
supposed to count against the game when voting.)
A player may move (or mix) any piece in which:
His side's color is the top (or only) pyramid
A piece identical (in size and color) to his Monad is contained
Otherwise, sounds very cool and can't wait to try it.

Atom Smasher - Initial read through the rules leaves me confused as
the author tries to instill theme so much as to obscure what is going
on. Going back through the rules a second time I'm clear on how the
game is played and I like the meltdown rules in particular. Circling
the pyramids, rather than having to do some obscure measurement, or
worse, having to knock a pyramid off the table is good. I'm looking
forward to trying this and it is easily one that will get played with
non-gamer family members.

Martian BattleSpires - From reading the rules I'm not completely sure
how the game plays, but I have enough to try and get started. Seems
interesting, so I'm keen to give it a go.

Tresurion - This space battle system is not the kind of game I
normally enjoy, nor were any of my play partners interested, so we
skipped it.

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