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[Icehouse] Two Player Gnostica

  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 29 Jul 2008 18:47:44 -0400
I have been playing Gnostica at lunch with a co-worker about every
other day... and there's an issue that comes up in 2-player play: How
to resolve symmetrical reversals such as "Player 1 cups, Player 2
swords, repeat".

I'm torn between whether the acting player or the re-acting player
should be given the advantage in this situation as the contest of
wills scenario is not very good for lunch breaks. (ko from go and
martian chess would indicate the primary actor would gain the upper
hand, while at the same time the re-acting player could essentially
say "I'll keep doing this until you make a different move...").

I've been in situations (devil fights mostly) that after a few turns
of back and forth I found a more advantageous move (on the reacting
side), but 3 actions is a more complicated situation that the sword
cup example above.

Thoughts? House rules?


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