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Re: [Icehouse] Some questions for icehouse game designers for college students creating their own games

  • FromJacob Davenport <jpdavenportjr@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 11 Feb 2009 13:10:01 -0500
Sorry if this comes through more than once.  I've had email difficulties...

1.  Because Icehouse pyramids have lots of interesting characteristics
which one could focus on, unlike dice or pawns which have very few.

2.  Ideas are easy.  It's parsing through all the ideas to figure out
which ones are good that's the difficulty.  I estimate that you need to
go through 100 game ideas to find a good one, and 1000 game ideas to
find one worth publishing.

3.  www.playagaingames.com/games/extreme_game_design

Kim Gregson wrote:
Here are our questions
# Why did you use the Tree house pyramids to make your game?
# How did you get your idea?
# Could you describe the process you go through to turn your idea into a finished game?