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Re: [Icehouse] 15 trios in a Pink Treehouse box?

  • From"Elliott C. Evans" <eeyore@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 16 Feb 2009 16:37:39 -0500
Christopher Hickman wrote:
I got Pink Treehouse last week. I noticed that there is lots
of room in the box, and I was easily able to fit 2HOUSE in it,
but I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to fit 15 trios
 in the box.

It's a pretty neat packing problem, props for posing it.

The answer, is to not constrain yourself to storing all the
pieces in 3-piece nests. I can only pack 14 nests in the box.
Without the nesting constraint...


The pieces you can't see easily in that picture are nested
inside the base pieces of the stacks.

Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans