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[Icehouse] IGDC Spring 2009 Results!

  • FromDavid Artman <david.artman@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 26 May 2009 15:48:21 -0400
Well, folks, the extension didn't help much--a couple of extra ballots got in, but not a swarm of them as I'd hoped with all of Memorial Day Weekend to sit on beaches and play games. :)

I have published the results in a Google Document here:
...so that folks can confirm that I transcribed their scores properly AND that I can do basic count and average (to get averages which ignore null values).

It shows the following clear winner, with a CLOSE battle for second place, followed by the runners-up:
1st Place - Apophis (8.0) - A remarkably high score, with no score less than 7 (other than an outlier, who himself admitted that he thought it would win!).
2nd Place - Landing Zone (6.3125) - Of COURSE it won! it uses Moon Shot's Patent-Pending Tip-To-Launch Mechanic! ;)
3rd Place - 3-High (6.1111...) - Loved or... well, not hated but not all that liked; a perennial problem with IGDC without a mechanics-based design restriction.
4th Place - Diamond Mine (5.5) - Lots of folks couldn't play due to equipment restrictions, or this would have done better I bet (a few solid mid-range scores, undercut by a few lower scores).
5th Place - Who Made The Team (3.571428...) - Proof that presentation matters, I suspect--lots of folks couldn't figure out the rules or thought they must be playing it wrong.

NOW: I am going to copy the comments in the emails (anonymously) to the wiki pages  and do IGDC Post-Comp Procedures. If you'd like to own up to your comments, or expand upon them, just sign in to the wiki and go sign/expand them! The designers, I am sure, will appreciate your input!

Thanks, everyone, for the turn out and scoring (especially Looney Labs! Yay!). It looks like our Fall Competition will be Restricted in some manner... and we MIGHT just have a teacher's whole class making submissions! (Oh, dear... might need more than a month to judge, for SURE!)

David Artman
Spring 2009 IGDC Coordinator